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Changing recruitment for the better. Getting the best talent sort out your recruitment in 2022.

What if there was a new interactive technology-enabled recruitment platform that is changing recruitment for the better.

We’re talking about changing recruitment for the better. What if there was a technology platform that supported recruiters in their task of finding the best talent for their business? What about a platform that helps with defining and articulating exactly what talents a candidate needs to have, to match the role. How about using a bespoke job psychometric? And if that same psychometric was offered to job seekers to build their self-awareness, and that together this could bring us closer to finding the right match?

What if a platform like this took words on a screen and translated them into a rich and dynamic digital timeline to showcase the potential of that candidate. We call it a whole human being view? What that means is being able to identify the talent potential and attributes of a candidate and how they will fit into your culture.

And if interacting with matched candidates was offered on a simple mutual likes basis, eliminating the inefficient and tiresome model of spamming employers and being spammed by candidates looking for work? This is how we are changing recruitment for the better.

That platform is already here.

It is called Not A CV, and it operates on a no-engagement no-fee basis. All the features listed above are all available to access right now, including the job psychometric.

Geoff Sims, Managing Director of Not A CV, former director of a leading recruiter and with over 30 years of experience in the recruiting industry, speaks on common pain points for recruiters and candidates:

CVs are so tedious to trawl through and do not give you a multi-dimensional view of the candidate’s personality, skills and achievements, which means many great candidates end up getting missed. And I know the frustration employers feel when they think that they have found the perfect candidate, only for them to get a couple of months into the role and quit. This not only costs time and a lot of money, but can also impact your brand negatively.”

Jakub Michalewski, Chief Technology Officer at Not a CV, adds:

“Our aim is quality over quantity. Not a CV can do it better, and quicker, because our technology will do the difficult work for recruiters and job seekers. We are leveraging the latest technology. Our machine learning and algorithms are helping to make the best possible informed decisions, all available to users in milliseconds due to scalable cloud infrastructure.”

Both employers and job seekers can now take complete control like never before.

Changing recruitment for the better for recruiters

For employers and recruiters, Not A CV helps them to clarify what they are looking for and allows them to achieve a better cultural fit by connecting them with candidates who are aligned to their pursuits.

Changing recruitment for the better for candidates

For job seekers, Not a CV offers a chance to create a digital profile that provides a full view of their worth and is far more relevant in this digital world. They no longer need to chase individual employers or recruitment agencies by email with copies of a CV.

There is a better way and with Not A CV, you can experience a better way in recruitment. With our anonymised platform, talent is able to shine, matching the best quality applicants to a job, and matching the best cultural fit business to your applications.

Employers: find out more about the platform and register.

Job seekers: find out more and download the app.

Make a better choice! Not a CV is clever tech built by recruiters for fast-moving employers. We take the headache out of recruitment through our job psychometric, whole person view and machine learning. Why not join us on Twitter: @notacv and LinkedIn: Not a CV.

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